Why is it rated R?

Pastor’s Kid is rated R for language and drug/alcohol abuse. The film is a realistic retelling of one person’s faith journey and is a harder story. We wanted to keep it as authentic as possible to honor her journey and show the power of what God is bringing her through. 

Is it based on a true story?

Yes, the original testimony documentary shot for Mariners Church in Southern California can be viewed here:

Why language in a Christian film?

In the real world people say bad words. It’s unfortunate but it is true… The goal wasn’t to glorify these dark elements but to express the realities of the world our character was living in and show the power of where God met her.

Who is this for?

Everyone! It is for the most heatheny of heathen and the most Churched of the Church. We wanted those who have been burnt by the church to feel seen and heard while also showing the transformative power of what authentic faith can look like. We want the film to be a discussion started between the skeptic and the believer.

Are you Christians?

Yes, my wife and I wrote the film together and have both been Christians for 30 years. We were raised in the church which means we have both seen and experienced hypocrisy from the Church but have also grown in our faith in powerful ways. We have seen friends get burnt by the church and walk completely away and we felt that the true story of Pastor’s Kid was an amazing way to express this struggle. Show how there can be both hypocrisy within the Church and also the power of what authentic faith can do.

What is an “art-house” Christian film?

Basically it means the movie is a little weird. LOL. The film is meant to be a “day in the life” journey of someone wrestling with their faith. The story unfolds showing walls slowly being broken down in our characters life as she opens her heart to faith again. We also have a lamb that pops up several times throughout the film representing something. So just a little weird thrown in here and there to express the realities of her journey.