About the Film

“Really deep, moving. Stunning art-house rendition of many of our journeys!”

Angel Studios Guild Member, The Chosen, Sound of Freedom

Pastor’s Kid is a raw R-rated faith film based on the true story of a testimony filmed at Mariners Church in Southern California. The film shows the reality of the world of those caught in substance abuse and the hope that can be found through authentic faith in Jesus. Its unique “Art-House” approach drops the audience right into the world of our character and documents her everyday life as she wrestles with her painful past and searches to find freedom for her future. This authentic style makes it a film that both people of faith and those not of faith can enjoy and have discussions about afterwards. 

About the Cast

Courtney Bandeko

Courtney Bandeko – Riley

Courtney Bandeko (CW’s Legacies)  plays college student Riley who must decide whether to dive back into her past of religious hypocrisy or continue down the road she has been going, hiding from her broken childhood. 

Krista Morin

Krista Morin – Karen

Krista Morin (Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale) plays Riley’s mother Karen. Karen was an alcoholic while Riley was a child but when Karen hit rock bottom, became a Christian and then an Executive Pastor, Riley’s entire world was turned upside down. Karen now wishes to reconnect with her estranged daughter who is following in her destructive footsteps.

James C. Burns

James C. Burns – James

James C. Burns (HBO’S Euphoria) plays Riley’s Step-Father James who struggles to keep his new daughter in-line while maintaining a healthy relationship with his wife. James wrestles with the idea of both justice and mercy when it comes to his new family.

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